Are you familiar with the concept of Heroic Responsibility? The idea is that if you actually want something, it’s not enough to have ‘done your due diligence’. You have to do whatever it takes to get it done.

This is the reason I felt guilty going to lectures if I knew I could better learn the content on my own. I think an inability to say “I did my due diligence” is great, to the extent that you do actually figure out and take a superior action; it’s crippling if it means you feel bad taking the low hanging fruit action but don’t commit to something better.

So this is my attempt to accept and embrace concrete actions. To celebrate achievements, but more importantly effort - whether it’s the cleverest way to achieve a goal or the slower-but-straightforward way. Because there’s no value in dismissing the simplest solution if you can’t implement a better one.

Here’s to improving at x, rather than improving at improving-at-x.