I go through phases where I blog a lot, and phases where I write notes in my phone but never expand upon them, and phases where all my deep thoughts get sent out into the abyss on snapchat. This is the documentation of that first phase.


I get excited about opportunities that:

  • are for companies/organizations that are positively impacting the world
  • tackle difficult questions around the role of technology in society
  • involve solving measurable problems for users
  • allow me to constantly operate at the edge of my abilities, stretching/growing my skills
  • enable me to explore the world and live in different places (e.g. having international offices, enabling remote work for a few months each year)
  • take advantage of my interest in communication/organizational psychology
  • use new technology to solve problems in previously-impossible ways
  • feature cross-disciplinary collaboration

Miscellaneous Factoids

  • I once broke a karaoke system due to a habit of putting the sparkle emoji ✨ in my usernames
  • My current favorite lip balm is probably either the Blistex Complete Moisture or the Beekman 1802 Vanilla Absolute
  • I spent a pleasant vacation day in Sydney learning emojicode and sometimes wish it were more a part of my life
  • Blink-182 played What’s My Age Again on my 23rd birthday and probably no concert will ever live up to it
  • I think about Dune when I’m getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist
  • My friends made me a giant paper maché spoon for my 13th birthday, in homage to Terry Pratchett’s quote about Hope in Going Postal