Sometimes I write constantly, sometimes I go months polishing my thoughts in my brain like a rock tumbler. At times I want to share where I’m at, and other times the notes are just for me. All of which is to say, I don’t update this on any kind of schedule, and I’ve made peace with the lack of consistency.

Some things don’t change

Barring an apocalypse, no matter how long it’s been since I wrote this, you can probably find me:

  • reading
  • drinking tea
  • proclaiming that e-bikes are how god intended man to travel
  • at a friend’s show
  • on a train
  • pointing a camera straight up at some backlit leaves
  • combing through a vintage store


I get excited about opportunities that:

  • work with companies/organizations that positively impact the world
  • tackle difficult questions around the role of technology in society
  • solve measurable problems for users
  • allow me to operate at the edge of my abilities, stretching/growing my skills
  • enable me to explore the world and live in different places (e.g. having international offices, enabling remote work for a few months each year)
  • take advantage of my interest in communication/organizational psychology
  • use new technology to solve problems in previously-impossible ways
  • feature cross-disciplinary collaboration