I learned about…

  • Flex. Here’s a good tutorial: a guide to flexbox
    • Notably: with flex-basis: 0, flex-grow will control the sizes of the children.
  • Reading exif data from files. Here’s the tool I used: Exiftool
  • How to create a Ruby Gem (it’s so easy!). Here’s the tutorial I followed: RubyGems guide
  • Foraging Fiddleheads from Ostrich Ferns!
    • Notably: ostrich ferns have grooves, brown chaff, and are smooth (not fuzzy). Pick them young (2-4” high, tightly curled fiddlehead). Boil or steam for 15 minutes and then sauté (never eat raw).

I worked on…

  • A “Working with Beth” user manual! Here’s the google doc: Working with Beth: a User Manual ✨
  • Displaying videos+images in the same gallery on this site. See: the writeup.
  • Singing Wonderwall whilst playing the chords on guitar
    • I managed the first 2 lines!

I was grateful for…

  • Sunlight streaming through leaves at golden hour (sounds pretentious but the embarrassing pictures of me crying about it are…less pretentious).
  • My family’s health