I’d like to be naturally amazing at pretty much everything (I’d take the orange pill hands down), but driving is one I’m trying to prioritise. It’s never been easy for me to make time for it - it took me 5 years to get the 120 hours of supervised driving that Sydney requires because I just never drive anywhere.

(Which is the story of how I got my Red P’s 5 days before I moved to Seattle and hence the first time I drove by myself was on the right wrong side of the road).

Driving at legoland
I have to work almost as hard to make myself reward doing-things vs deciding-on-what-things-to-do as I do to stay in the middle of my lane

I’m a habitual pedestrian (I don’t even own a car), so half the battle for me with driving is just carving out the time to practice. Weekly singing lessons mean I have the regularity thing down - I get about 2 hours in each week, where I generally focus on deliberately doing the basics well (speed limits, scanning, noticing/observing signage, etc) - but I always see huge step improvements with raodtrips.

So it was great that Andrew and I drove down to Portland this weekend :) My focus for this trip was on lane positioning, highway driving and parking (sorry for swearing so much Andrew). I tend to see step improvements in my driving skills after long trips, so I’m glad we made time to do this.

Queueing for brunch
I'm also glad we made time to partake in that classic Portland activity; queueing for brunch

I drove ~10 hours this weekend, but I struggle to feel proud about it because it’s just an action rather than a process establishing future actions. But my meta-level issues can wait for another post :)